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Your Auto Insurance premium is never quite low enough if you think like a typical consumer. Most of us always wish for a lower auto insurance rate, even if it means just to save a few bucks each month. What we need to do is decide which policy we need and then hunt around for insurer that charges us the least money for it.
When filling forms and talking to insurance agents we will start to learn all those factors that affect the cost of our auto insurance. will help you identify what it takes to save money on insurance.

How to save money on Car Insurance:
After you've purchased a vehicle or decide to change insurance, there are many things you can do to save money.
Here's a few of them:
Shop around - Not as obvious as it seems. There is a huge difference in quotes for the same coverage.
Choose higher deductibles - If your financial situation can support it, go for it.
Drop comprehensive coverage and collision - Only for older cars that you own, or spare/back up cars.
Take a driving course - See if you can find a driver course which will lower your insurance costs.
Pay Cash for the car - Not to be done with expensive cars but liability only insurance is the cheapest.
Read up on it - 5 mistakes to avoid when buying insurance



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